Hemorrhoids Or Are They Anal Warts?

Hemorrhoids Or Anal Warts, HELP!

Is My Bleeding Due To Hemorrhoids Or Anal Warts?

Definition: Anal Warts are really condylomata acuminata, and they are caused by the HPV virus.

Just the thought of having the HPV virus causing warts in your anus is disgusting and many people are hoping that what they are experienceing are hemorrhoids and not anal warts

The reason it is important to tell the difference is because hemorrhoids are treated differently than anal warts.

It should be noted that the strain of HPV virus that causes anal warts is NOT the same as the strain of HPV virus that causes cancer.

What Causes HPV Anal Warts?

HPV, unlike hemorrhoids, is spread usually through sexual contact; however, any skin to skin contact can transmit the disease as long as there are tiny abrasions in the skin for the virus to enter through.

The most common place for these type of micro-abrasions are the anal and vaginal regions. This is one major difference between hemorrhoids and anal warts.  Hemorrhoids are not contagious.

Once the virus is in the human body it can lie dormant for up to two years.  During this time a person is still able to spread the virus even though they have no symptoms at all.

In fact, over 6.2 million new cases of HPV infection are reported in the United States alone per year, and at least 20 million people are already have HPV.

HPV Symptoms Are Somewhat like Hemorrhoids

Both anal warts and hemorrhoids can cause bleeding, but unlike external hemorrhoids, anal warts are pretty much painless.  However, internal hemorrhoids, those above the anal opening are also very often painless and only become apparent by blood in the stool.

So how can you tell the difference between anal warts and hemorrhoids?

The HPV warts start out in tiny clusters which can grow into large clusters.  They are scaly in appearance due to scabbing.  Hemorrhoids are usually a large  purple swelling which is actually an aneurysm of the blood vessels in the anal region

Anal warts have a distinct border around them where as hemorrhoids do not.  Anal warts look somewhat like discolored cauliflower and they take a long time to develop compared to the rather rapid onset of an hemorrhoid flare-up.

How To Treat Anal Warts Vs. Hemorrhoids

In either case, you need to see a doctor because self-diagnosis can only take you so far.

In most cases topical ointments may be prescribed but they are vastly different in their preparations so you want to make sure you are using the right one.

With hemorrhoids there has been increasing interest in herbal and eastern natural cures.  Things like applying ice directly to the hemorrhoids for almost instant relief.  For more information on these types of cures you can read our review of Hemorrhoid Miracle here.

What do anal warts do to you? HPV effects?

The biggest problem with anal warts is that they are ugly and embarrassing which really puts a damper on your love life.

Of course, you will have a much bigger problem if your anal warts are not  condyloma acuminata but some other more serious issue and that is why you need to see a doctor.

If you leave anal warts untreated it causes the tissues to become brittle and tear.  This can lead to serious infection and unpleasant complications.

In rare cases anal warts can make their way in to the urethra and block urination.  This is a serious problem.

Will HPV anal warts flareups go away on their own?

Unlike hemorrhoids, anal warts do not go away on their own as often.  It can happen, but the opposite can also occur where the infected cells pass on their HPV infection to the surrounding cells.  This is why it is important to treat HPV warts.

There have been many individuals who have had to undergo surgery and other invasive treatments because they mistakenly thought that they could ignore HPV warts and they would go away on their own.

Whether it is hemorrhoids or HPV warts getting the right treatment can bring swift relief.

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H Miracle Scam Is A Scam…Sort Of

H Miracle Scam Is A Way To Get You To Look!

H Miracle Scam Is Not…This Is What H Miracle Really Is.

I’ll be blunt, H Miracle is not a scam and the only reason you get a lot of results from Google for H Miracle Scam is because people want you to look at their website promoting H Miracle.  This, in itself, is sort of a scam.  I really hate it when people publish stuff on the internet that is merely there to get someone to buy something.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d like you to buy H Miracle through this website since I am an affiliate of h Miralce, but I am an affiliate of H Miracle because it worked so well for my wife.  In other words I believe that using H Mircale scam simply as a way to get someone to view your website is sort of scammy.

Since H Miracle Scam Is Not True Then What Is H Miracle?

Understanding what H Miacle and what its potential is for you is a better way of doing business rather than tricking someone using H Miracle Scam.  I do not want anyone getting H Miracle if it isn’t going to help solve their problem.

H Miracle is a collection of remedies and cures collected from many sources including herbilists and eastern medicine.  Holly Haden, the author of H Miracle, was a hemorrhoid sufferer and put up with her codition until one day her dad confessed that he also suffered from hormones but had found ways to deal with it.

Since Holly was a researcher, she began researching these cures and discovering more.  This led to H Miracle or Hemorrhoid Miracle the results of her research.  So believe me when I say H Miracle Scam is just a scam because H Miracle works for most people who apply it.

Who Should Buy H Miracle?

Anyone who suffers from reoccuring bouts of hemorrhoid flare ups.  It doesn’t matter if it is internel hemprrhoids or external hemorrhoids.  This ebook is chock full of cures that did far more for my wife than the creams and recommended surgery did or could have done.  In one 48 hour period my wife said goodbye to her hemorrhoid problems and they never came back.  No H Miracle scam there!

Refund Policy Guarantees No H Miracle Scam

Look, you can buy H Miracle and if it doesn’t cure your hemorrhoid problem, no matter how serious, within 48 hours, you get all of your money back.  And I know this guarantee is rock solid because it is enforced by a third party called Click Bank.  This should give you confidence that H Miracle Scam just doesn’t exist.

Again, I just want this to work for you and I have zero interest in your purchasing this ebook if it isn’t going to work and that is why I love this 60 day, iron clad, guarantee.

If you are suffering from hemorrhoids, get ready for permanent relief.

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H Miracle where to buy it.

H Miracle Where To Buy?

H Miracle Where To Buy And How To Buy

h miracle where to buyH Miracle is the amazing collection of natural hemorrhoid cures that is curing thousands of hemorrhoid suffers free, but how do you get it? H Miracle where to buy it is often asked of me.  People have heard of it and they search the book stores, scour Amazon but they can’t find a copy.

H Miracle where to buy? How about here?

H Miracle comes in an instantly down-loadable format for you to read on your computer or device and it is available through Click Bank.

Click Bank is an online digital products market place where all manner of digital materials are available for sale. So when the query,  H Miracle where to buy comes up I always point them to the source.

Where To Buy H Miracle<—Click Here!

The link above will take you to Holly Hayden, the author of H Miracle’s, website and the is where you can buy H Miracle.

H Miracle Where To Buy: The Click Bank Advantage

The fact that H Miracle is offered through click bank protects the seller and the buyer of products.  It is Click Bank that insists on a 60 day money back guarantee on all products sold through their market place and this means that all products like H Miracle are backed up by this guarantee which is enforced by Click Bank.

Of course most hemorrhoid sufferers are thrilled in finding H Miracle, where to buy it and then reading it and putting its collection of hemorrhoid cures to work on their problem.

Here Is A Full Review Of H Miracle

So if you are looking for where to buy H Miracle; look no further because the healing of your hemorrhoids could be less than 48 hours away.  You have nothing to lose except the pain, discomfort and embarrassment of hemorrhoids.

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H Miracle Free Is Dangerous

H Miracle Free Downloads Are Bad For Your PC

Downloading H Miracle Free Will Give You A Different Kind Of Pain In The Butt!

h miracle freeH Miracle—short for Hemorrhoid Miracle— is the wildly popular ebook by Holly Hayden, reasearcher extraordinaire, which has helped thousands of people cure their hemorrhoid problems in 48 hours or less. (In my case it gave me relief within 5 minutes of applying what I had learned in the book!)

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Trying To Find H Miracle Free?

There are those among us who feel that everything on the Internet should be free—you know who you are.  But H miracle isn’t free, at least not legally or ethically.  Just like a hard-copy book in a book store isn’t free for the taking even if you can sneak a copy out under your coat neither is H miracle free.

H Miracle Free Can Hurt Your PC

No we are not talking political correctness, even though that might apply, we are talking your personal computer, lap-top or other device that connects to the Internet.

Digital pirates who steal other peoples work and offer it free over the Internet have no ethics and just as they have no problem stealing other people’s intellectual property, they will have no problem using their download sites to spam your PC with spyware and mal-ware.

Some of these sites also take perverse pleasure in infecting visitor’s devices with all manner of viruses.

Aside from those nefarious activities, many of these site owners will try to get you to buy their file sharing service in order to get the “free” stolen digital content.

Look, you already have enough pain in the butt from Hemorrhoids without adding a crashed PC or other device to your troubles.

H Miracle Free Isn’t Worth It

Here is why H Miracle free isn’t worth it.  Holy Hayden, backed up by Click Bank, will give you a full refund of your purchase price of H Miracle at anytime with in a 60 day period from the date of your transaction.  So H Miracle Free is not worth the risk.  H Miracle will either work a Miracle on your hemorrhoids or you will get your money back.

H Miracle Bringing Permanent Relief To Hemorrhoid Pain Is Priceless

Simply click the link below and give M Miracle a try and if it doesn’t do for you what it did for me then you will get your money back and have H Miracle free to boot.

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Filed: H Miracle Free

H Miracle Download

H Miracle Download – Where Can I Download H Miracle?

Is There An H Miracle Download For Free?

As you already know H Miracle is the very popular hemorrhoid ebook on curing hemorrhoids with in 48 hours.  To be honest I got relief from my discomfort with in 5 minutes reading this book on my PC in my hotel room.  But back to the topic.  Where can you do an H Miracle Download and can you do an H Miracle Download free?

Where Can I Do An H Miracle Download?

This one is pretty easy you can simply click the H Miracle download link at the end of this paragraph and you will instantly be taken to the H Miracle information page where you can purchase and download a copy of this ebook instantly.  Oh, by the way, its real name is Hemorrhoid Miracle, but most people refer to it a H Miracle.

Get H Miracle Here! <—Click Now!

Is There An H Miracle Download For Free?

H Miracle DownloadOK, I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t but…and I mean this sincerely…it is dangerous for your PC or device to try to download H Miracle free.  H Miracle is not offered free on the Internet, or anywhere else for that matter.  The author, Holly Hayden, puts in a lot of time and effort  to ensure an H Miracle download will help people cure their Hemorrhoid problems.

H Miracle Download Is Personal

This even includes personal coaching via email.  It is unfair, illegal and unethical for people to offer H Miracle for free.  You should be aware that people who pirate software and ebooks are usually doing it for their own gain and the websites that you have to go to to download illegally  pirated copy of  H Miracle often will place malware, spyware, and/or viruses on your devices.

If they don’t then they are often going to try to get you to sign up for their file sharing system for a price or they are going to be sites trying to peddle offensive images and sleazy memberships.

Take my advice, nothing good comes out of trying to get H Miracle for free.  If H Miracle doesn’t do everything that it says it will do for you or your loved one’s hemorrhoid problems then Holly will refund your entire purchase price back to you.

So stop the pain now! Click —> H Miracle Download Details!

H Miracle System

H Miracle System: Will It Bring Fast Relief Or Just False Hope?

H Miracle System Boasts A 48 Hour Cure For Your Hemorrhoid Pain…What Is This System

H Miracle SystemThe H Miracle system is a series of natural hemorrhoid cures collected from eastern herbalists and published in an downloadable ebook for instant access.

Holly Hayden a researcher who suffered from hemorrhoids for most of her life descovered the H Miracle System after talking with her father one day and discovering that hemorrhoid problems ran in their family.

The H Miracle System

The term system is not very accurate to describe H Miracle.  Instead of the H Miracle System a better name might be the H Miracle collection for that is what the H Miacle System really is.

The cool thing about this approach is that there is a remedy for nearly every type of hemorrhoid problem you can imagine and even some you can’t imagine.

My Experience With The H Miracle System

I first downloaded Holly’s ebook Hemorrhoid Miracle 2 years ago.  I was looking online for information about eternal hemorrhoids.  Every time my wife and I went on a trip her eternal hemorrhoids would flare up.  Unlike most people she experienced throbbing pain with her condition and it usually took a lot of the joy out of our vacations.

After I downloaded the H Miracle System I spent an hour and a half reading through it.  There were many ah ha moments and some head scratching moments—some of the remedies are just weird, but many people say they work.

After sharing the book with my wife we selected 2 treatments from its electronic pages and the results even surprised me.  With in 5 minutes my wifes pain was gone and by the next morning she barely felt a thing.  By that evening she was cured.

H Miralce System<—Click For Relief!

It was one of the first vacations we spent pain free and we have had pain free vacations since.

I Am Not Going To Say Definatively That The H Miracle System Will Work For You BUT…

I have been tracking Holly Hayden’s Hemorrhoid Miracle for over 2 years now and the sales are steadily increasing and the return rate for the product is extremely low which adds to my experience that the H Miracle System lives up to its claims.

The anacdotal evidence just keeps accumulating that this ebook does for others what it did for my wife and me.

Look, I wouldn’t joke around with hemorrhoid pain since I know first hand how badly in impacts the quality of life of its suffers, but I will say that you owe it to yourself to download a copy of the H Miracle System and read it.  Try out the remedies that apply to your situation because you might be suffering right now when you don’t have to be.

H Miralce System<—Click For Relief!

Relieving Hemorrhoid Pain With Food Part I

Foods And Hemorrhoid Pain

Eating certian foods can Decrease Or Increase Hemorrhoid pain.

In part one of this article I will provide you with several examples of how hemorrhoid pain can be affected by food.  So lets get atarted.

Avoid Too Many Chili Peppers To Relieve Hemorrhoid Pain

Chili peppers are somewhat of a mixed bag of tricks.  The capscasian in the peppers helps reduce inflamation which can irritate your hemorrhoids…BUT, just like the way they burn going in, they can burn comming out causing yo9ur hemorrhoids to become irratated.  This sin’t only true for chili peppers but all hot peppers.  Enjoy them in moderation.

Avoid These Foods That Cause Constipation Which Will Increase hemorrhoid painHemorrhoid Pain

  • Coffee
  • Alcohol
  • Bad Fats
  • Animal products
  • Red meat

Ok I can here you complaining even now.  What’s left to eat then? The truth is, you can eat these things, but if you do you need to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and get 30 grams of fiber a day.  If you have trouble getting the fiber in the foods you eat, then get the powdered kind and sprinkle it on every meal.

Now On To The Foods The Help With Hemorrhoid Pain

Look for high fiber foods.  These include things like nuts (raw is best) leafy green vegatables, legumes, and roots.  There are lists of high fiber foods on the Internet that you can look up.

I reccomend that you get at least 30 grams of fiber a day.  This will also benfit you with weight control. Most Westerners get between 8 to 12 grams of fiber in a day so you can see we need to improve in the fiber area.

Now before you go and blast your body with fiber you need to be aware that doing this suddenly can cause cramping, gas and other unpleasant side effetcs.

I reccomend that you take an ensyme like Bean-o with your food for a week or so until your body adjusts.  It is a myth that high fiber foods like beans cause gas permanently.  You body will adjust to high fiber foods within a week or so and you should n’t have gas problems after that.

Juices That Help Relieve Hemorrhoid Pain

Dark berry jucies like blackberry, cherry and blueberry contain anthocyanins and proanthocyanidins which strengthen blood vessal walls including the ones in your hemorrhoids.  This helps relieve hemorrhoid pain and discomfort.

Another word of warning is due here.  These juices can really cramp you up and give you cause to visit the restroom frequently so they need to be handled judiciously.  Always mix equal parts of your dark berry juice with equal parts of apple juice.  A side effect of dark berry juices is to relieve gout.

Relieve Hemorrhoid Pain With Cantaloup

hemorrhoid painThis is one of the best foods you can eat for hemorrhoid health.  It contains beta-carotine, vitamins and minerals that really promote healthy hemorrhoidal tisssues.

Red and Black Currant Berries

Currants besides being very high in vitamin C currents contain the fatty acid GLA, which creates
prostaglandin in your body. Prostaglandin is a natural pain reliever.

Drink 1 –2 glasses a day of red or black currant berries.

Pomegranate Juice For Hemorrhoid Pain

Pomegranate juice may be great to drink and great for you, but in this case we are talking about soaking a cotton ball in it and applying it directly to your hemorrhoids.  Pomegranate juice is a natural astringint and when appyied to your swollen hemorrhoid tissues it can bring immediet relief of hemorrhoid pain.

Oranges and bananas

hemorrhoid painVitamin C, bioflavonoids, and fiber are all provided by eating a couple of bananas and oranges each day.  Some individuals have found that steaming bananas makes them softer and increases their effectiveness on hemorrhoid pain.


Papaya is an excellent fruit to eat. It has good mineral content, fiber, and has enzymes to digest protein.

These are the fruits and juices to use to for relieving hemorrhoid pain. Adding more vegetables to your eating habits is also important to get more fiber. These fruits, juices, and vegetables will help you keep regular and provide pain and inflammation relief for your hemorrhoid symptoms

Read More…

Hemorrhoid Pain And Hemorrhoid Relief

What Is H Miracle


H Miracle In Depth

More About H Miracle

Can H Miracle Really Cure Your Hemorrhoids In 48 Hours

h miracleH Miracle is the nick name for Holly Hayden’s book Hemorrhoid Miracle which makes the bold claim of curing hemorrhoids in as little as 24 hours.

H Miracle claims that most treatments for piles or inflamed hemorrhoids only address the symptoms while ignoring the root cause of the inflamation.

This results in people needing to treat their hemorrhoid problems again and again.  People just think that they will have to manage their hemorrhoid condition rather than cure it.

H Miracle, Is It A Cure?

It is one thing to claim that you have a cure for hemorrhoids and quite another to prove it.  H Miracle is alternative medicine and  Holly isn’t even a medical professional to boot.  Still, after reading her book and seeing how simple this would be to try, I gave it a try.

I guess in the long run, that is what you have to do because there is no other way to determine if it is a cure or not.  The “cure” is obscure recipes made mostly of herbs.  I couple of items I had to get from a health food store, but the whole thing cost less than $10 to put together.

Vericose Veins

Hemorrhoid pain is really vericose veins in your hemorrhoid tissues that become irritated, painful and can even burst.  H Miracle uses herbal and natural remedies known to shrink these veins and thus cure your hemorrhoids.


Does H Miracle cure hemorrhoid pain.  In my case, I was astonished at the results.  In dact, you wouldn’t be reading this website if it hadn’t.  With in minutes I began to experience relief from the pain and discomfort.

The bleeding had stopped by that evening and the next day I was barely aware of the flare up.  By the next day after that I didn’t have any pain, or discomfort.

My H Miracle Deal…

Look, try H Miracle and if it doesn’t cure your hemorrhoids I will personally assist you in getting every penny of your money back.  That is how excited I am about H Miracle.

Visit H Miracle Now <—Go!

Hemorrhoid Pain And Hemorrhoid Relief

Hemorrhoid Pain Relief

hemorrhoid painHemorrhoid pain is hard to describe to people who don’t suffer from it.  It is hard for them to understand the toll it takes on an individual and their family.

Getting relief from swollen, itchy and painful hemorrhoids is the number one thing on the mind of a sufferer.

Thousands Of Hemorrhoid Pain Treatments

There are thousands of treatments for hemorrhoids, everything from old standards to the exotic and unconventional.  But even with all of these options, hemorrhoid pain can be hard to overcome.

Since talking about hemorrhoids is embarrassing, many people turn to over the counter treatments for their condition rather than face the embarrassment of talking about their hemorrhoid problems with their physician.

So…Let’s talk about the available methods for effective hemorrhoid pain relief!

There are the traditional creams such as Preparation H or Tucks that contain analgesic and anesthetic components, for dealing with painful hemorrhoids.  Some of these creams also have chemicals in them that cause fluids to leave the tissues.  This further reduces inflammation and pain.

There are other gels and ointments for hemorrhoid pain that contain things, such as hydro-cortisone or zinc oxide, along with herbal ingredients like aloe vera, witch hazel, lime or horse chestnut.

Then there is the hemorrhoid suppositories that can reduce the symptoms of inflamed hemorrhoidal tissues because they have chemicals in them that block the sensory nerve stimulation in the rectal region.

It should be noted that suppositories are more effective for internal hemorrhoids than external ones.

You can also take pills for hemorrhoid pain.  These are vasoconstrictors that actually cause your small blood vessels to constrict and thus reduce the flow of blood to all tissues of the body including your hemorrhoids.  These drugs can be dangerous especially when there is a negative interaction with other drugs you may be taking.

There are also non-pharmaceutical approaches to relieving your hemorrhoid pain such as sitz baths or the direct application of ice or cold on the effected area.

You Don’t Want Surgery For Hemorrhoid Pain!

These procedures include:

  • banding hemorrhoids,
  • infrared photocoagulation,
  • hemorrhoid laser surgery,
  • sclerotherapy
  • and hemorrhoidectomy.

I won’t go into the gory details of all of these surgeries, but it has been proven that surgery is risky, and relatively in effective and should be reserved for only the most dire of cases.

For Further Reading:

What Is H Miracle?

Visit H Miracle For Permanent Hemorrhoid Pain Relief

What Is H Miracle?

H Miracle, What Is It?

H Miracle, Will It Cure Hemorrhoids?


H Miracle is a guide to permanently curing hemorrhoid pain developed by Holly Hayden in response to her own hemorrhoid problems.

h miracleAfter trying gels, creams and many other over the counter remedies, Holly became convinced that these “cures” only treated the symptoms and not the root of the problem itself.

H Miracle Was Created Because Of Word Of Mouth

Just when she was considering surgery for her problem her dad found out.  It turns out that he had suffered from the same fate…BUT he had found a series of simple cures using all natural substances that you can buy at the supermarket for pennies.

When Holly tried one of these obscure little known recipes she was shocked to begin to feel relief in 5 minutes and she was in for an even bigger shock when her hemorrhoid pain and swelling were completely gone in 3 days.

H Miracle Was Born

From this experience Holly did further research and created a comprehensive guide to “curing hemorrhoids” in as little as 48 hours.  She entitled the comprehensive report Hemorrhoid Miracle or H Miracle for short.

H Miracle is purported by the Author to be a hemorrhoid cure and judging by the sales of H Miracle a lot of people agree with her.

H Miracle Is All Natural

Rather than give you creams, supositories, rubber bands, or harsh chemicals that only treat the symptoms Holly takes you on a journey to healing through herbs and other natural substances.

If followed H Miracle is suppose to be a hemorrhoid cure that will completely eliminate your problem in 48 hours.

She is so sure of herself that she will refund all of the money you paid for the report if this doesn’t happen

H Miracle comes as a downloadable ebook that you can instantly access right after your purchase.

H Miracle Package Includes…

  1. The H Miracle By Holly Hayden
  2. Alternative Remedies
  3. Lessons From Miracle Doctors
  4. Classic of Natural Health Manuscript by Dr. Henry Lindlahr M.D
  5. How To Ease Your Alergies
It is currently being offered at a discount from Holly’s website

Visit H Miracle Now! <——Go!


H Miracle Details All You Need To Know About H Miracle Is Here.